Private Moments – Private Dining and Events

a) The Romance - Placebo

A private placebo mediates for an intimate setting. Though just drinks, appetizers and ala-carte dishes are served here, it is the perfect start or end to the day. Move onto the placebo after or before your Omakase dinner and be wing manned by our poolside which brings enough chills so that you and your partner have no choice, but to have to get closer together.

b) The Love Hate Relationship – Private Dining Rooms

The private dining room which can host 4pax, 6pax, 8pax or when opened, 18 pax in its entirety, is quaintly designed for corporate gatherings, lunch, or dinner meetings. Reconcile with bad blood between colleagues or start wars to settle a dispute; regardless, the meeting rooms are sound proofed so, either way; what happens in Rome, stays in Rome.

c) The Party

IF your palettes going to be having a party in your mouth, why shouldn’t your bodies. Sushi Mew ultimately unfolds into a elegant luxurious party on weekday nights. High tables, poolside, gowns, suits with music grooving in the background. We however open up to private events where you can take on the entirety of the place and throw a wild one. Shhh… enquire with us privately about this one. We will discreetly share the experience you will save as one of the moments in your life.
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