The Sparkle – Dinner

Lights Jump Out. What initially was dull office buildings, jumps out as a feast for the eyes as fireworks when the rooftop lights up transforming majestically into an ensemble for you to enjoy. Dinner Menu starts at 6pm and ends with the last order at 9pm.

Sit by our metre long poolside, as you watch the lights glistening orange through the delicate blue pool. Enjoy a cocktail before you have your dinner or the other way round. You are free to experience the moment the way you deem fit. Regardless, we will host you as you prefer. Book the tables early and plan your time right though!

Our chef harmonises his dishes with the time of the day. Embark on a completely different adventure at night. With the cool breeze, and a much lighter spirit, our chef believes, your taste buds adapts to a bigger challenge. He brings you on a completely different adventure.

With all your senses on alert, the synchronicity of the dishes that comes at you brings you through a journey, that will be a another moment; Sushi Mew wants you to have.

Dinner Menu

Dinner Omakase Tsubaki

Dinner Omakase Kaede

Dinner Omakase Mew

Dinner Omakase Irodori

Ambience & experience